Electrical Division

Since its establishment, the Electrical Division has provided thousands of sets of products to customers both at home and abroad to meet the requirements of the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. The quality and after-sale services of our products have been well received by customers.

Electrical Division by ABB, SIEMENS, Schneider, Weiner and other international well-known enterprises, technical support and equipment support, with solid technical strength, perfect customer service service to Suzhou many intelligent equipment Limited by Share Ltd as many domestic and foreign well-known enterprises designated franchise suppliers, and outstanding achievements in the central air-conditioning, textile and other related industries of electrical equipment product support has accumulated rich experience and make the industry look askance at.

Electrical division dedicated to provide the integration of mechanical and electrical products supporting services for customers: electrical engineering support of experienced technical staff can according to customer demand design and optimization of device selection, configuration and reliable customer service technology, and special research and complete services according to user needs.

Industrial product Application industry
All kinds of central air conditioner control box Air conditioning
Fan starting cabinet Air conditioning
Low voltage switch cabinet Factory Distribution
Braid control system Textile machinery
Turning center control system Machine tool
Plastic powder conveying control cabinet Plastic powder
Mechanical and electrical control box for changing position Automatic tooling machinery
Automobile parts processing control cabinet Auto parts manufacturing
Water art control system Landscape lamp and fountain
Various non-standard equipment electrical system Nonferrous metal